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Company profile

Established in 2002, Crediteyes Co., Ltd. is a qualified 100% domestic enterprise that has been filed in the People's Bank of China and directly under its administration. As China's leading credit information and business information provider, Crediteyes is committed to providing customers with reasonable business decision-making assistance in the selection, assessment and risk management of business partners. Over the years since its establishment, Crediteyes has always been focusing on the credit needs of emerging markets including mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and other fast-growing areas, providing them with corporate credit investigation report and rating, due diligence report, compliance report and social responsibility report, as well as related credit data monitoring and industry monitoring, etc.. These credit data are widely used by customers in the field of corporate credit decision making, advance payment decision making and cooperation decision-making.

Meanwhile, many financial and insurance institutes analyze the asset and business conditions, social image and performance capability of their targeted credit companies through the above credit data of Crediteyes during financing decision to them. Crediteyes also provides financial institutions and enterprises with bilateral industry data, risk monitoring, competitor analysis and other derivative services. In addition, Crediteyes makes full use of its own database resources, core team resources for online service and field audit team resources to provide authenticity certification, product certification, supplier certification, professional field certification and other rating, certification and business evaluation services for companies in the emerging economic areas, mainly including the Internet, finance and pharmaceuticals. The total number of employees in Crediteyes is more than 500, with the business headquarters located in Shanghai People's Square and the operational center located in Dalian CBD Center.

Professional team

With the online credit service center and offline field credit investigation team totalling nearly 1,000 people, relying on its own powerful IT system support and connection ability, Crediteyes has become the leading domestic credit service provider in the financial field, Internet field, pharmaceutical field and so on.

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